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Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation: A Rejuvenating Experience 

Unwind and immerse your body, mind, and spirit in the rich and transformative sounds of the gong.   

By meditating to sound, by focusing on sound, and not a worry, not a problem, not a to-do item, just focusing on a sound, one can access the quiet place in your mind.  The place that is patiently waiting for you.

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What is Sound Meditation?

Sound meditation, also known as a sound bath or gong bath, is a form of passive meditation.  Sound baths are typically experienced lying down or seated comfortably.  Despite the word “bath” it has nothing to do with water and you are fully clothed.  The event begins with a short, guided meditation focusing on breathwork and relaxation.  Then the transformative sounds of the gongs begin. Relax and allow your mind to focus, or meditate, on the sounds.  When you meditate on sound, you turn inward to inner peace, inner happiness, and your true self. 

The beauty of sound baths is that they are for everyone, you do not need any experience in meditation.  People who are experienced in meditation report reaching deeper states of consciouses and relaxation.  Sound meditation quiets the mind, allowing for overall wellbeing, less stress, better sleep, and/or new inspiration.

"The only one who can truly bring peace to you, is you"



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Reiki Therapy

Sound Meditation Public Events

Find a sound meditation, gong sound bath, near you. 

If you don't see one in your area, please reach out to me directly.  I am always eager to share the transformative sounds of the gong with all who want to experience it.  

Book a Private Event

Looking for a unique way to celebrate with friends?  Is your company looking to incorporate a wellness event or increase wellness offerings?  Unique and healthy sound meditation events can travel to you.  Contact me to discuss logistics and how we can share the sounds of the gongs with more and more people.  

One-on-One Reiki with Sound Meditation 

Reiki is a beautiful form of energy healing.  A field of energy exists everywhere and surrounds us all the time.  This web of energy not only affects us, but it is us.  Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that unites us all.  I am a certified Usui Reiki Master and combine sound meditation with a reiki session for a unique one-on-one energy experience.  Private sessions are currently being held in Andover, MA. 


"Wow, it's hard to put into words.  As if I just had the best sleep of my life.  Everyone needs to experience a gong bath.  I can't wait to come back."

- Michelle, P

"It's beautiful and magical.  My heart is full." 

- Mia, N

"I could feel my intestines vibrating, and my stomach pain went away!"

- Carol, R

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The first moment I stumbled onto gongs and sound baths my soul leapt, screaming "Yes!", "This!", “You need this!”…  and I did.  And I have never been the same.  And my light shines brighter with each stroke of the mallet, with each vibration.  The mystical sounds of the gongs are my therapy, my meditation.  My path is to share their resonance, their power, their ability to open the door to the happiness, love, and light within each of us.  I am an insured and certified Usui Reiki Master and Meditation Guide, a former social worker and geriatric care manager, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and student of life.  I look forward to meeting you.        


Karen “Kay” Campbell


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Located in southeast New Hampshire, on the border of Massachusetts, in Newton, NH

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